Family Law

Jacksonville Florida Family Law Attorney

We have helped countless families navigate the daunting world of family law, including divorce; child custody and visitation; child support; alimony; and the division of marital property. Each case is unique and depends on so many factors, including length of marriage, number and age of children, the reasons for the break-up, and financial condition of the family. At Ford Miller & Wainer, we understand the details of the issues… from all sides.

Our attorneys focus on helping clients reach their goals as quickly as possible. The sooner differences can be resolved, the better it is for all involved, especially children. Family law judges look at a variety of factors in determining the issues of alimony, child custody and time sharing, and the division of property. With our depth of experience, we can help clients navigate the system. If you are facing an issue regarding family legal issues, Ford Miller & Wainer is here for you.