Our Experience is The Difference

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When you hire a law firm, you want to know that the attorneys have experience… and have been successful in service to clients. We have listed several transactions that are public record as examples of the many positive outcomes Ford Miler & Wainer has achieved. We hope you will see these as representative of our experience, and the difference we deliver to our clients.

Reported Cases


P. Campbell Ford and Mark R. Miller represented six plaintiffs in a maritime personal injury case that resulted in a $19.2 million award.

D. and L.P., Prospective Adoptive Parents, Appellants
v. C.L.G. and A.R.L.

Mark R. Miller represented a prospective adoptive couple in their fight to adopt a relative. The birth parents prevailed and the case is now Florida case law establishing that if a birth mother and birth father marry after the child is born and placed with the adoptive parents, the Courts legitimize the marriage retroactive to the birth of the child.

After this case was decided, Florida adoption law was amended to establish the status of the parties at the time the consents/surrenders are signed to be the relevant time. It no longer matters what happens afterwards, the Court will now only look at the marital status of the parties at the time the child was surrendered.

TOMMY NEVITT, Appellant,

Mark R. Miller represented the birth parents in implementing their adoption plan. The birth parents ultimately prevailed after the case was remanded back to the trial court, and they succeeded in their plan to make their child available for adoption.

W.R. Townsend Contracting., Inc. v. Jensen Civil Construction, Inc.
728 So. 2d 297 (Fla. 1st DCA 1999)

Ford, Miller & Wainer (then known as P. Campbell Ford & Assoc., P.A.) represented the plaintiff, W.R. Townsend Contracting, Inc.(“Townsend”) in a lawsuit over a handshake deal between W.R. Townsend and Steve Jensen of Jensen Civil Construction, Inc., (“Jensen”) for millions of dollars of dirt for the State Road 9A project in Jacksonville, Florida. Jensen convinced the trial court that this was a case where a subcontractor, Townsend, merely provided a price to a contractor, Jensen, hoping to get the work. The trial court dismissed all counts of the complaint. The appellate court reversed determining that Townsend had not merely provided a price to Jensen, but rather that by virtue of some shrewd dealing with the local landowners Townsend had provided a dirt price that was key to winning the bid. In fact, the two contractors who had Townsend’s dirt price were less than $2,000 apart on a $21 million-dollar bid and far below everyone else. Jensen knew that it needed Townsend’s price to win and Townsend gave its price to Jensen on the condition that if Jensen won it would use Townsend as a subcontractor on the job. In the circumstances alleged, there was no Florida law on point. However, Ford, Miller & Wainer found cases from Arizona and California that stood for the proposition that you could have a pre-bid oral contract between a contractor and a subcontractor so long as long as none of the essential terms remained open. In the almost 15 years of its existence in Florida law, the Townsend v. Jensen case has been cited over 85 times in legal opinions, including 3 times by the Florida Supreme Court. Additionally, it has been cited over 150 times by law reviews and treatises. It is generally cited as the standard for alleging various types of claims in a complaint.